Episode 4: Neal Pollack and Byrd Leavell

An interview with writer Neal Pollack about Hollywood, hustling, and his relationship with Dave Eggers. Also, Mike apologizes to all of his listeners for his many transgressions, including once calling Sarah Vowell an "insufferable, unfunny, pretentious cracker."

Mike gets in touch with his second girlfriend (this one from 10th grade) and it does not go well. Also, in our “Babbling Segment,” M. Night Shyamalan gets all twisty! This guy is a scamp!

Mike interviews his literary agent Byrd Leavell of Waxman/Leavell about the best (and worst) ways for you to acquire an agent and get your book published. Byrd shoots the facts straight and true.

Mike interviews the irascible Gus Blankman, the 70-year-old comedy writer responsible for all the best rap sketches from the 1990s. Gus physically threatens Mike, and Mike is still confused.