A monthly podcast of comedy, interviews, gags, curiosities, laughs, bloopers, boners, cuddling sessions, medical oddities, long stories ending with a funny pun. Think "Prairie Home Companion" with less nose whistling.

Bonus Episode: Derf Backderf

An interview with award-winning cartoonist and graphic novelist Derf Backderf about his old high-school buddy Jeffrey Dahmer and his years spent working on a trash truck in Cleveland. Did you know that Jeffrey Dahmer attended prom and Derf did not? True.

Episode 3: Arthur Meyer and Eric Spitznagel

Third Episode!

Interview with Arthur Meyer of The Tonight Show!

Worst Club DJ In the World!

Interview with Eric Spitznagel, Author of Old Records Never Die, about Comedy and LPs and Being Stephen Colbert's "Secret Santa"

A Short Story Written to Appeal to Teenagers and 20-Somethings!

Nina Simone (Groovefinder Mix)!

Excerpts from a 1980s Japanese Cleaning-Cassette!

Babbling Segment: Young Executive Tight Sphincter Syndrome!


Episode 2: Bill Hader and Beth Newell

Episode 2 - (1 hour 53min)
Running Order

0:0:01 | Mr. Rogers Interviews A Bassist


0:03:30 | Herb Alpert & Public Enemy Mashup


0:13:29 | Interview With Beth Newell Of Reductress


0:33:44 | NPR Fan Fiction


0:42:26 | Babbling Elvis


0:50:16 | Interview With Actor Bill Hader


01:38:49 | Gettin' To The Bottom Of It


Episode 1: David Sedaris and Emma Allen

Episode 1 - (2 hours)
Running Order

8:08 | Classic Rock DJ Suffering A Nervous Breakdown


13:30 | Interview With Emma Allen, Editor At New Yorker

35:00 | Larry King Babbling

38:08 | Colonel Sanders Babbling

42:46 | Interview With David Sedaris

1:47:45 | Gettin' In Touch With My First Girlfrien

1:57:09 | Highlights Of Upcoming Episodes